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TEFF 歐洲影展 (Taiwan European Film Festival) 由歐洲經貿辦事處以及佳映娛樂共同舉辦,邀請 17 個歐洲國家個別推選出一部電影參展,於串流平台「想映電影院」放映,影片皆有中英雙字幕。第 17 屆 TEFF 歐洲影展的放映期間為 2021 年 12 月 10 日至 2021 年 12 月 19 日。

TEFF 歐洲影展自 2005 年起,於全台各地播放歐洲電影並提供觀眾免費入場觀看,希望台灣民眾藉由欣賞歐洲電影的過程中,認識歐洲國家的文化、藝術和語言的多樣性。

TEFF (Taiwan European Film Festival) is organized by European Economic and Trade Office since 2005. TEFF presents a selection of European films every year aiming to show the diversity of cultures, arts and languages of the European countries. The 17th TEFF will take place from 10th December 2021 to 19th December 2021 on the streaming platform “Joint Movies” with free entrance, Chinese and English subtitles available.

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Founded by James Liu in 2015, it has been involved in distribution of foreign films, film production and sales. It also has the online streaming platform – Joint Movies.