Austria1 Austria2


面積:  83,872 km2

人口: 866萬人
首都: 維也納
語言: 德語、匈牙利語、斯洛維尼亞語
使用貨幣: 歐元




這些著名的影片有何共同點? 也許您猜對了,皆是著名的奧地利導演所執導的,他們分別是弗里茨‧朗,比利‧懷德, 麥可‧漢內克。


Today Austria is one of the richest countries in the world embedded strongly in the framework of the EU.  Vienna, Austria’s capital tops the ranking for the 9th year running in the famous quality of life index by Mercer.  Even more the Economist stated recently: “2018 Vienna overtakes Melbourne as the world’s most live able city”.

But Austria offers more than a comfortable life, it is a cultural hot spot with world famous stages and festivals of all kind all over, it is a tourist’s paradise the whole year round with the best slopes, beautiful landscape and historic cities and it is a feast for food -lovers and wine aficionados. On top of it, it is also an industrial power, has a highly developed service sector and gets top rankings as an innovative research nation.

Cinematography always played an important role in Austria’s cultural scene. “Metropolis”, “ Some like it hot”, “The Piano Teacher”  what do all this famous films have in common?  You guessed it right, all are directed by equally famous Film Directors with Austrian routes Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder and Michael Haneke.