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面積:  357,168 km2

人口: 8252萬人
首都: 柏林
語言: 德語
使用貨幣: 歐元

德意志聯邦共和國成立於 1949 年,是一個民主議會制聯邦國家。 1990 年重新統一後,由 16 個聯邦州組成。國家元首為聯邦總統,政府首腦為聯邦總理。

德國最大城市是它的首都柏林,居住人口為 340 萬。其他百萬人口城市為漢堡(180 萬)和慕尼黑(130 萬),科隆也有近百萬居民。美因河畔的法蘭克福(662,000 名居民)是一座國際化金融中心。

德國地形多樣, 從北部的北海與波羅的海延伸至南部的阿爾卑斯山。其間地理風貌多變:以農業為主的平原、寬廣的河流和湖泊、資源豐富的林區、現代化大都市、綿延起伏的丘陵地帶。德國最高峰是楚格峰 (Zugspitze),海拔 2,963 米。最長的河流是流經境內 865 公里的萊茵河。德國有 16 個國家公園、104 個自然公園和 15 個生物圈保護區。

德國是許多偉大詩人和著名音樂家的故鄉。歌德和君特·格拉斯,巴赫和貝多芬,這些名字是德國頂尖文化悠久傳統的有力見證。今天,德國文化異彩紛呈,從現代到古典,無不散發炫目光彩。這里約有 300 家劇院,130 個專業樂團,以及 630 家擁有國際高水準藏品的藝術博物館。在文學和電影方面,德國藝術家每年都會帶來許多創新。



Germany has been a democratic parliamentary federal republic since 1949. Following reunification in 1990 it now consists of 16 federal states. The Federal President is the head of state and the government is led by the Federal Chancellor.

The capital Berlin is also Germany's largest city, with a population of 3.4 million. Other cities with more than one million residents are Hamburg (1.8 million) and Munich (1.3 million). Cologne is just below the one-million mark. Frankfurt am Main (pop. 662,000) is a centre of international finance.

Germany is a country rich in natural beauty. Between the North Sea and Baltic coasts in the north and the peaks of the Alps in the south lie extremely diverse landscapes, with everything from wide expanses of river and lakeland scenery, hilly uplands and densely wooded regions to agricultural plains and industrial conurbations. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany at 2,963 metres. Germany's longest river is the Rhine, which flows through the country for a total of 865 kilometres. Germany has 16 national parks, 104 nature reserves and 15 biosphere reserves.


Germany is home to great writers and famous composers. Names like Goethe and Günther Grass or Bach and Beethoven are part of a long, distinguished cultural tradition. Its legacy is the exceptional choice of culture on offer in Germany today, from ancient to ultra-modern. There are around 300 theatres, 130 professional orchestras and 630 art museums with internationally acclaimed collections. German artists also produce a large amount of creative work in the fields of film and literature.