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面積:  450,295 km2

人口: 1002萬人
首都: 斯德哥爾摩
語言: 瑞典語、芬蘭語、意第緒語、羅姆語
使用貨幣: 瑞典克朗

也許你覺得位於北歐的瑞典非常遙遠, 那是因為你不知道早在不知不覺中你已被這個國家的各種便利產品所包圍了!

從IKEA家具、 VOLVO 汽車、 網路電話Skype 、線上音樂 Spotify,  到平價服飾H&M, 這些大家耳熟能詳的品牌正是來自瑞典!

瑞典的首都是斯德哥爾摩 , 人口數約有1000萬,約占世界人口的 0.13%

瑞典是一個人口稀少的國家,擁有漫長的海岸、廣闊的森林和大量的湖泊。它是世界上最北端的國家之一。就陸地面積而言,瑞典是台灣面積的11倍。瑞典的國境線自 1905 年以來就没有發生過變化,該國自 1814 年以來没有發生過任何戰争。

瑞典擁有悠長的夏日和同等漫長的冬夜,二者之間形成了極度的差異。在夏季,在瑞典處於北極圈以北的地區,太陽整日都停留在空中;即便在斯德哥爾摩的(北緯 59 度)這樣靠南的地區,6 月份的夜晚也僅有幾個小時的半黑暗時間。


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Maybe you think that Sweden in Northern Europe is very far away, because you don't know that you have been surrounded by various convenient products from this country.

From IKEA furniture, VOLVO cars, Skype, Spotify of online music, to H&M, these well-known brands are all from Sweden!

Sweden’s capital is in Stockholm.  Its population is around 10 million, about 0.13 percent of the world’s population.

Sweden is a sparsely populated country, characterized by its long coastline, extensive forests and numerous lakes. It is one of the world’s northernmost countries. In terms of surface area, it is eleven times of Taiwan.  Sweden’s borders have been unchanged since 1905 and the country has not been at war since 1814.

Sweden experiences extreme contrasts between its long summer days and equally long winter nights. In the summer, the sun stays in the sky around the clock in the parts of ­Sweden north of the Arctic Circle, but even as far south as Stockholm (59°N) the June nights have only a few hours of semi-darkness.

Among the Swedish national emblems are the blue and yellow flag, two coats of arms, Three Crowns and the national anthem.

For more information, please visit the Swedish official website as below: