Previous Editions

2012 TEFF

8th Taiwan European Film Festival  (2012)

A New We (Austria)
Turquaze (Belgium)
Kuky se vrací (Czech Republic)
A Family (Denmark)
Lapland Odissey (Finland)
La Vie au Ranch (France)
Edge of Heaven (Germany)
Kameleon (Hungary)
Giulia Doesn’t Date at Night (Italy)
The Symmetry of the Butterfly (Luxembourg)
The Storm (Netherlands)
The Master (Poland)
Angels (Slovakia)
The Method (Spain)
Bend It Like Beckham (United Kingdom)


 7th Taiwan European Film Festival   (2011)

Light in Empty House (Austria)
The White Ribbon (Austria)
A Chain for Two (Belgium)
Zelary (Czech Republic)
Little Soldier (Denmark)
Nenette (France)
Soul Kitchen (Germany)
Nine and a Half Days (Hungary)
Garden Stories (Luxembourg)
The Winner (Poland)
Apricot Island (Slovakia)
Cell 211 (Spain)
An Independent Mind (United Kingdom)


6th Taiwan European Film Festival   (2010)

About Water: People and Yellow Cans (Austria)
Seraphine (Belgium)
Loners (Czech Republic)
Terribly Happy (Denmark)
A Man’s Job (Finland)
God’s Office (France)
Wedding Fever in Campobello (Germany)
Puskas Hungary (Hungary)
One Hundred Nails (Italy)
A Short Films Selection (Luxembourg)
Tricks (Poland)
Flying Cyprian (Slovakia)
In the City of No Limits (Spain)
Five Disasters Waiting to Happen (United Kingdom)


5th Taiwan European Film Festival   (2009)

Free to Leave (Austria)
25 Degrees in Winter (Belgium)
Empties (Czech Republic)
Change of Address (France)
Clara (Germany)
Sacra Corona (Hungary)
A Game for Girls (Italy)
Sweet Rush (Poland)
Half-Life (Slovakia)
Intacto (Spain)
A Short Films Selection (Sweden)
The Age of Stupid (United Kingdom)


4th Taiwan European Film Festival   (2008)

For All Eternity (Austria)
When the Tide Comes In (Belgium)
Little Girl Blue (Czech Republic)
Bad Faith (France)
Cherry Blossom Hanami (Germany) )
Control (Hungary) )
The Fever (Italy)
Tomorrow We Are Going to the Cinema (Poland)
The Fountain for Suzanne (Slovakia)
Rec. (Spain)


3rd Taiwan European Film Festival   (2007)

Dead Man’s Hand (Belgium)
Something Like Happiness (Czech Republic)
Beauty and the Bastard (Finland)
Cold Showers (France)
The Lives of Others (Germany)
Walking on Tracks (Hungary)
Empty Eyes (Italy)
Character (Netherlands)
Chopin: Desire for Love (Poland)
Zozo (Sweden)


2nd Taiwan European Film Festival   (2006)

Duplicity (Belgium)
A Matter of Taste (France)
Liberated Zone (Germany)
In Orange (Holland) )
Just Sex and Nothing Else (Hungary)
Goldfish Memory (Ireland)
Land Wind (Italy)
Warsaw (Poland)
Soccer Days (Spain)
The Guy in the Grave Next Door (Sweden)


1st Taiwan European Film Festival   (2005)

A Girl (Belgium)
One-Way Ticket to Mombasa (Finland)
Getting my Brother Laid (Germany)
Pleasant Days (Hungary)
Cowboys and Angels (Ireland)
One Hundred Steps (Italy)
Polleke (Netherlands)
Blind Spot (Slovenia)
Evil (Sweden)
Dirty Pretty Things (United Kingdom)
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